法国,巴黎,Tour First大厦/KPF

建筑师:Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF)




Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates(KPF)国际建筑事务所很荣幸地宣布,他们最近设计的Tour FIRST大厦正式对外开放。该建筑坐落于纳伊桥附近一个醒目的场所,既是巴黎La Défense商业区的突出象征,也是这个城市的新地标。Tour FIRST大厦由安盛房地产投资管理公司、毕肯资本和ALTAREA COGEDIM地产建筑公司联合开发,高231米,是巴黎最高的建筑,也是法国最高的办公大楼。

Tour FIRST大厦充分例证了KPF为可持续发展的翻新理念做出的贡献。在当今世界上,各行各业都越来越关注可持续发展问题,我们对建筑的决定,无论从设计、施工还是管理方面都正在大幅衰减。为此,反对拆迁之后重新建设、从适当的建筑重新利用中获益正被逐渐提上议程。我们希望每个人都能承认我们的服务是最好的。

在Tour FIRST大厦项目中,KPF提出了一套最佳方案,大大增加了原楼的高度,原楼由Pierre Dufau设计于上世纪70年代,同时改变了建筑的轮廓,创造了全新的建筑表现方式,还增加了净面积。设计将新的开口加入现有的混凝土结构,最大限度将自然光线和美景引入内部,同时改变内部办公空间。设计也利于将大厦整合到人口稠密的周围城市环境中,提高公共场所的服务质量和交通的便利性,并加强建筑物与位于La Défense商业区中心的大广场(Grand Esplanade)之间的联系。

KPF董事长A. Eugene Kohn在开幕式上发表评论说:“我们为Tour FIRST大厦感到非常自豪。它的竣工肯定了我们与ALTAREA COGEDIM地产建筑公司、安盛房地产投资管理公司和毕肯资本的伟大合作,以及与SRA-Architectes共同付出的努力,联手在世界一流城市打造了一座意义重大的漂亮建筑。该建筑完全超越了当前的时代,外层经过更换,从本质上焕然一新,并不仅仅是在巴黎天际线上新增一笔。我们与各相关单位均合作愉快,再次说明伟大的建筑正是源自于伟大的团队合作。”

翻新设计的最初构思为三个相同的翅膀围绕着一个核心,保留原建筑的完整性,同时带来现代化的概念诠释,并大幅提高环境性能、改善内部条件及交通动线。Tour FIRST大厦是法国最大的完全通过HQE认证的办公大楼。

本月初举行了一场开幕酒会,许多名人出席,其中包括总统萨科奇的核心政治顾问Patrick Devedjian先生、法国国会议员Jacques Kossowski先生及Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud夫人。Tour FIRST大厦是KPF新近完成的许多高楼大厦之一,其余还包括香港最高的建筑国际商务中心和伦敦最高的建筑苍鹭大厦。

Architects: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF)

Location: Paris, France

Project Year: 2011

Photographs: Hufton+Crow

International architecture firm, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) is pleased to announce the recent opening of Tour FIRST. Located on a prominent site near the Neuilly Bridge, the building stands as a striking symbol to La Défense and a new landmark on the Paris skyline. Developed by AXA Real Estate IM, Beacon Capital Partners and ALTAREA-COGEDIM, Tour FIRST, at 231 meters, is the tallest building in Paris and the tallest office building in France.

Tour FIRST exemplifies KPF’s dedication to the idea of refurbishment as a sustainable approach. In a world in which we are ever more conscious about sustainability in all walks of life, our decisions about buildings – their design, construction and management – are moving into sharper relief. For this reason, the benefits that can be realized from adaptive re-use of buildings, as opposed to demolition and replacement with new build, are rising up the agenda. We hope that everyone will agree our service is the very best.

In the case of Tour FIRST, KPF proposed the best course of action was a significant increase to the height of the 1970s tower designed by Pierre Dufau, while at the same time transforming its silhouette to create a new architectural statement and increased net area. The design incorporates new openings into the existing perimeter concrete structure to maximize daylight and views and, at the same time, transforms the internal office space. The design also serves to integrate the tower into the surrounding dense urban environment, improving the quality and accessibility of public areas, and strengthening the connection between the building and the Grand Esplanade located at the heart of La Défense.

Commenting on the inauguration, KPF Chairman A. Eugene Kohn said, “We are incredibly proud of Tour FIRST. Its completion is an affirmation of the great relationship we’ve built with ALTAREA-COGEDIM, AXA Reim and Beacon Capital Partners, and of our hard work, together with SRA-Architectes, creating a beautiful and significant building in one of the world’s most important cities. This building is really ahead of its time in that it was re-skinned to make, essentially, a new building, and isn’t simply a new addition on the Paris skyline. We enjoyed a wonderful collaboration with all parties involved. Great buildings are a result of great teamwork.”

Originally conceived as three identical wings around a central core, the refurbished tower retains the integrity of the original, while providing a modern interpretation of the concept and vastly improving the environmental performance and internal conditions and circulation. Tour FIRST is the largest fully HQE certified office tower in France.

An inaugural reception was held earlier this month, and was attended by many notables, including Monsieur Patrick Devedjian, Monsieur Jacques Kossowski, and Madame Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud. Tour FIRST is one of KPF’s many tall buildings that have been recently completed, along with the International Commerce Centre, the tallest building in Hong Kong, and Heron Tower, the tallest in London.