英国,索尔福德,MediaCityUK户外空间/ Gillespies



设计组长:Jim Gibson, Partner, Gillespies


建筑师:Wilkinson Eyre, Chapman Taylor, Fairhurst Design Group, Sheppard Robson

规划:Benoy Architects

总承包商:Bovis Lend Lease

结构与土木工程:Jacobs UK



景观承包商:English Landscapes

照明顾问:Pinniger & Partners



众多创意公司和电视频道在搬到MediaCityUK之后,将会在Gillespies事务所设计的全新公共空间和亲水景观的激励下,灵感迸发加倍。MediaCityUK由The Peel集团开发,旨在创造全球首屈一指的数字媒体中心。它是英国最大的建设项目之一,并且使以前的工业码头地区焕发新生。











Architects: Gillespies

Location: Salford, England

Design team leader: Jim Gibson, Partner, Gillespies

Public Realm & Landscape Designer: Gillespies

Buildings Architects: Wilkinson Eyre, Chapman Taylor, Fairhurst Design Group, Sheppard Robson

Masterplan: Benoy Architects

Main Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease

Structural and Civil Engineer: Jacobs UK

M&E Engineers: AECOM

Quantity Surveyor: Gleeds

Landscape Contractor: English Landscapes

Lighting Consultant: Pinniger & Partners

Project year: 2011

Photographs: Gillespies

Creative companies and TV channels moving to MediaCityUK will be inspired by its fresh new public spaces and waterside landscape, designed by Gillespies. MediaCityUK has been developed by The Peel Group and creates a globally significant digital media hub. It is one of the UK’s largest construction projects and has regenerated a former industrial dock site.

Paralleling the development of the buildings has been the construction of high quality external spaces designed to integrate the new architecture and create a fresh and creative public realm, with heart and human scale. The external spaces enhance the appeal and function of each building individually, and ground them collectively into a holistic visual language.

Gillespies’ challenge was how to deliver this given the density of the built development and the constraints to hard and soft landscape created by the exposed site, challenging micro climate and restrictions created by extensive underground communications and anti-terrorism site security restrictions.

At the heart of the new landscape is a multifunctional Piazza, with a radial geometry and elegant arrangement of natural stone paving that establishes a dynamic connection between the waterfront and the adjacent buildings. Its broad expanse serves as a function space for activities, media events and large gatherings and is enhanced at night by over 350 computer controlled LED up-lighters and dramatic 20m high sculptural lighting masts.

Sitting in sharp contrast to the sleek lines of the Piazza is Media Park – the development’s green heart. Here, rich naturalistic planting with timber decking and sweeping paths create intimate spaces for strolling, relaxing and creative inspiration as well as attractive backdrops for outdoor broadcasts. Responding to its waterside location, the informality of the park is expressed in the waves of undulating greenery that reflect and juxtapose with the radial geometry of the site. Bespoke designed granite with wood inlay benches offer abundant seating.

The industrial history of the area is not forgotten. The construction materials selected across the development, including steel, natural stone, cement and wood reflect the former dockside character but are used in a contemporary style.

Jim Gibson who led Gillespies’ team comments:

“With no previous architecture or infrastructure, the site was a blank canvas and we were able to start afresh to create contemporary spaces. Our design approach was confident and contemporary and is crafted specifically for the creative needs of a new media community.

The new public spaces are designed to fulfil a variety of uses and be a recreational destination for those to live, work and visit MediaCityUK. For example, the Dock Terrace provides tram passengers with beautiful waterside views, but also, because we have reduced the height of the former dock edge and created a cascade of terraced steps, is now one of the few places in Salford Quays where people can get close to the water.”

The landscape is designed for the pedestrian and has created one of the UK’s largest shared surface environments where, structured within strict security constraints, complete DDA compliance is achieved.

By incorporating exemplary sustainable design principals, MediaCityUK is the first project in the world to become a BREEAM accredited Sustainable Community. The landscape has supported this, including with over 200 new deciduous and evergreen trees having been planted.