Andrew Brooks的景观摄影作品

对于摄影家来说,早晨和黄昏的“金色时光”是非常宝贵的。晨曦和日落的阳光带来了魔幻的色彩。摄影家Andrew Brooks知道怎么样利用这样的光线。他的风景摄影抓住了太阳从地平线上升起和落下的时刻,展现了自然界宁静和神奇。

The golden hour is a precious time of day for photographers. The hour when the sun rises and the hour when the sun sets collectively cast some of the most magical colors and moods available throughout the day. This magic hour is a phenomenon well-understood by photographer Andrew Brooks. His landscape photography captures the still silence of nature at these most magical moments, the times upon which our sun breaks the horizon and ultimately returns to its resting place.