加拿大,不列颠哥伦比亚省,奥提根学院的可持续建筑技术与可再生能源保护卓越中心/ CEI

建筑师:CEI Architecture Planning Interiors


景观设计师:Site 360 Consulting Ltd.

文本:CEI Architecture Planning Interiors


项目面积:6,780 sqm


摄影:Ed White Photographics


可持续建筑技术与可再生能源保护卓越中心的设计目标在于满足商人、现场经理以及建筑工人的迫切需求,这些人都在建造可持续建筑方面经验丰富。另外,也希望根据目前世界上最严格的可持续认证计划——“生态建筑挑战(Living Building Challenge)”的设计标准,将此处设计成为世界上最先进的创新可持续设施。CEI建筑事务所之所以被选中领导这个项目,是由于该事务所启动设计过程的设计专家研讨会声誉卓著,并且从许多利益相关者那里得到了赞助与捐款。











由CEI Architecture Planning Interiors提供文本。

可持续设计顾问:Recollective Consulting

结构工程师:Fast + Epp Structural Engineers

电气工程师:Applied Engineering Solutions

机械工程师:AME Consulting Group Ltd.

土木工程师:True Consulting

施工估算师:Spiegel Skillen & Associates

岩土工程师:Interior Testing Services Ltd.

施工经理:PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.

建筑法规咨询:GHL Consultants Ltd.

环境顾问:EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

交通工程师:Opus International

声学顾问:BKL Consultants Ltd.

外围护设计顾问:Morrison Hershfield

调试专家:Inland Technical Services

Architect: CEI Architecture Planning Interiors

Location: Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Landscape Architect: Site 360 Consulting Ltd.

Text: CEI Architecture Planning Interiors

Project Cost: $27,600,000

Project Area: 6,780 sqm

Project Year: 2011

Photography: Ed White Photographics


The Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation was conceived to meet the urgent need for tradespeople, site managers and construction workers who are skilled in the practices of sustainable building. It is also designed to be one of most innovative and advanced sustainable facilities in the world, designed to the standards of the Living Building Challenge, the most rigorous sustainability program on the planet. CEI was selected to lead the project due to the reputation of our design charrette to kick-start the design process and get support and contributions from a diverse group of stakeholders.

The integrated design team recognized that achieving a facility with net-zero energy and water consumption, as required for Living Building certification, requires a three-pronged approach to energy and water use: conserve, capture and create. Additionally, the design had to be highly adaptable, so that as time passes, new technologies can easily replace old, ensuring relevance and currency with the changing curriculum. All project features are designed around these realities.

The most exhilarating aspect of the Centre of Excellence is that the building itself will be used extensively as part of the teaching curriculum. The design allows most aspects of the building and its systems to be accessible and demonstrable, and live building data will be available to learn from. To encourage conservation and behavioural adaptation, energy use will be metered at each classroom, workshop, office and other areas. Real-time energy usage will be demonstrated in each space with red/yellow/green indicators and full LED displays showing comprehensive data.

The Centre of Excellence is a living experiment in sustainable innovation, and a testament to the power of integrated design. We hope the lessons learned from its design, construction and ongoing operations will educate its students and inspire other communities to follow suit, resulting in a building that lives up to its name.


• Innovative and efficient composite wood and

concrete panels contain the mechanical and

electrical infrastructure required to integrate the gymnasium with the building’s systems.

• A photovoltaic array — the largest for a non-utility organization in Western Canada — supplies energy to the building.

• Vacuum tube solar panels supply the building’s hot water needs.

• Accessible green roof planted with

local flora attracts local species.

• The design takes advantage of the energy, light and ventilation that the natural environment has to offer.

• Nearly 100 percent B.C. wood, includes local pine

beetle-kill and FSC timber.

Text Provided by CEI Architecture Planning Interiors.

Sustainability Consultant: Recollective Consulting

Structural Engineer: Fast + Epp Structural Engineers

Electrical Engineer: Applied Engineering Solutions

Mechanical Engineer: AME Consulting Group Ltd.

Civil Engineer: True Consulting

Quantity Surveyor: Spiegel Skillen & Associates

Geotechnical Engineer: Interior Testing Services Ltd.

Construction Manager: PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.

Building Code Consultant: GHL Consultants Ltd.

Environmental Consultant: EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Traffic Engineer: Opus International

Acoustic Consultant: BKL Consultants Ltd.

Envelope Consultant: Morrison Hershfield

Commissioning Authority: Inland Technical Services