英国,伦敦,Excel雅乐轩酒店/ Jestico + Whiles

建筑师:Jestico + Whiles


项目管理:GVA Second London Wall

客户:Excel London (part of Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company)


摄影师:Tim Crocker


该项目由London Excel总公司、ADNEC(阿布扎比国家展览公司)开发,McAleer&Rushe建造,Jestico + Whiles建筑事务所对酒店的建筑和室内装修进行了创新性的设计,其中包含了252间客房、一间激动人心的“w xyz酒吧”、一间内部容纳体育馆和儿童戏水池的健身房、一家24小时营业的一站式食物和饮料外卖区、五间会议室,还有一家新餐厅——“FEDE”概念餐厅,由Elior公司单独经营。


酒店的中心结构表皮是由定制的双层玻璃装饰的,上面绘有半透明的陶瓷釉料图案并安装有背面有涂层的坚固拱肩镂板。受Bridget Riley某些绘画作品中立体感效果的启发,建筑师们设计了熔结在玻璃里的抽象横纹,着重强调了建筑物的流动性。当配合新月形侧翼表面变幻的色彩时,建筑物的流动性和立体感效果就会相互影响,从而形成了一种与众不同的效果。


为了满足分层进入酒店的要求——一层为ExCeL公司的主要行人通道,地下一层为车辆通道,Jestico + Whiles建筑事务所在该栋建筑的中心位置设计了一个宽敞的、双层高接待中庭,并在两层之间用定制的、如雕塑一般的螺旋形楼梯连接。

Jestico + Whiles建筑事务所对于内部空间的设计方案延续了外部设计的线条感与色彩丰富的思想。创新性的饰面和定制的有色透光板装饰着客房的走廊,让人联想起了立面处理方案,在内外空间之间营造了一种连贯性。内部空间以精心挑选的木材、可耐福材料、玻璃、陶瓷和带有花纹的壁纸来装饰,同时公共空间以精选的艺术品来装饰。事务所明确地调整了设计策略,开发了内部设计,力求将雅乐轩酒店的设计指导方针发展成针对建筑场地量身定制的设计。

Jestico + Whiles建筑事务所的总监John Whiles说道:“伦敦Excel雅乐轩酒店的开业,对于我们事务所来说是一个令人激动的时刻。该建筑一再挑战我们所能接受的酒店设计形式,戏剧性地融合了材料与活动性,将建筑设计与室内设计作为一个整体对待。酒店明显地提升了人们对于该地区的感受,在这个国际会议中心的重要入口处创造出一种标志性的场所感,这对于伦敦的未来也是非常重要的。”

该酒店位于皇家维多利亚码头,从伦敦多克兰轻轨的Prince Regent站可达,并获得了BREEAM(英国建筑研究组织环境评估法)的优异评级。伦敦Excel雅乐轩酒店是获奖的室内和酒店设计工作室——Jestico + Whiles建筑事务所的最新设计项目,他们曾为众多显赫的客户做出了高质量的设计,为此声名鹊起。他们近期完成的项目包括位于伦敦莱斯特广场的“W伦敦”饭店以及位于伦敦西区高级住宅区梅菲尔的花花公子俱乐部。

Architects: Jestico + Whiles

Location: London, England

Project Manager: GVA Second London Wall

Client: Excel London (part of Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company)


Photographs: Tim Crocker

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has opened the first Aloft Hotel in the UK at ExCeL London. The Aloft London Excel has been designed by Jestico + Whiles, the architects behind the highlysuccessful W London‐ Leicester Square which opened earlier this year.

Developed by London ExCeL’s parent company, ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National ExhibitionsCompany) and constructed by McAleer&Rushe, Jestico + Whiles’ innovative design for thearchitecture and interiors provides 252 guest bedrooms; an exciting ‘w xyzSMbar’; are:chargeSMfitness suite with gym and SplashSMpool; re:fuel by AloftSMa one‐stop, 24–hourgrab‐and‐go food and beverage area; five ‘Tactic’ meeting rooms; together with a newrestaurant concept restaurant ‘FEDE’ separately operated by Elior.

The plan of the building has a convex central spine containing bedrooms and the verticalcirculation, flanked by two concave wings which house further bedrooms and corridors.These wings are clad in thousands of specially treated, highly reflective stainless‐steelshingles creating the extraordinary effect of constantly changing colour with the passing of the day.

The central spine of the hotel has been finished with a bespoke, double‐glazed cladding, which features a translucent ceramic frit pattern and solid back‐painted spandrel panels. Inspired by the illusion of depth seen in some of Bridget Riley’s paintings, abstract horizontal stripes fritted onto the glass have been designed to emphasise the flow of the building. Thiscreates an unusual interplay of movement and depth when combined with the undulatingcolours of the crescent wings.

The building’s ‘serpentine’ layering reduces internal corridor lengths and brings natural daylight into the central lift core lobby whilst addressing the site restrictions generated bycomplex service infrastructure surrounding the exhibition centre. The form also enables thevariety of room sizes demanded by the client’s brief to be elegantly accommodated.

In response to the split‐level access requirements of the hotel, with the main pedestrianroute emerging from ExCeL on the first floor and the vehicular access on the ground level,Jestico + Whiles has designed a spacious, double height atrium reception in the centre of the building with a bespoke, sculptural spiral stairway linking the two levels.

Jestico + Whiles’ treatment of the internal spaces continues the linear, multi‐coloured motif of the external design. Innovative finishes and bespoke coloured light panels, reminiscent ofthe façade treatment, decorate the guestroom corridors, creating cohesion between theinternal and external spaces. The interiors have been furnished with a carefully selectedpalette of timber, Corian®, glass, porcelain and textured wallpaper, with selected artworksdecorating the public spaces. The firm has specifically tuned and developed the interiordesign to evolve the Aloft guidelines into a site‐specific design.

John Whiles, Director of Jestico + Whiles said: “The opening of Aloft London Excel is an exciting moment for the practice. The building continues our challenge to the acceptednorms of hotel design through the integration of the theatre of materials and activity wherethe architecture and interior design become one holistic treatment. The hotel clearlyenhances the experience of the location to create an iconic sense of place at this importantentrance to the International Conference Centre, so vital to the future of London.”

Located on the Royal Victoria Dock, the hotel is served by the Prince Regent Station on theDocklands Light Railway and has achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent. Aloft London Excelis the latest project from Jestico + Whiles’ award‐winning Interiors and Hotels Studio whichhas built a reputation for producing high quality design for a prestigious client list. Recentlycompleted projects include W London ‐ Leicester Square and the Playboy Club in Mayfair.