意大利,帕尔马,达文思村 / matteo thun + partners studio

在美丽、可持续发展和良好的价值观的驱动下,matteo thun & partners studio推出了位于意大利帕尔马附近的davines group 's——一家意大利美容公司的新总部。达文思村的建筑面积约为七万七千平方米,面积约为一万一千平方米。其余的区域——占总面积的80%——由著名景观设计师del buono gazerwitz设计的绿地组成。综合考虑可持续能源、减少废物、优化自然资源和节约不可再生资源等理念。





del buono gazerwitz的绿色区域有不同的功能,包括两个内部庭院、科学植物园、建筑周围的一个大花园和绿色千米跑道。在科学植物园里,一些用于化妆品配方的植物品种被种植出来,形成了一个露天实验室。

由莫妮卡·西格纳尼(monica signani)进行的室内设计,来自于将参与和分享的价值观与工作环境的美学提升相结合的愿望。与传统的企业形象相去甚远,不同的区域营造了不同的生活空间,在这里,正式和美学的选择与功能需求相融合。为了补充这个平衡,家具是由molteni&c|dada的合同部门定制的。


with a design driven by the values of beauty, sustainability, and well-being, matteo thun & partners studio has unveiled davines group’s — an italian beauty company — new headquarters near parma, italy. built on a surface of 77,000 square meters, the davines village complex comprises about 11,000 square meters. the remaining area — 80% of the total area — is composed of green zones designed by renowned landscape architect del buono gazerwitz. altogether, it integrates sustainable energy, waste reduction, optimization of natural resources, and saving of non-renewable ones.

developed following the concept of home, the davines village reinterprets the archetypes of italian dwellings found in rural areas in a contemporary way. it hosts the offices and training spaces, the research and development laboratory, the production plant, the warehouse, and a large central greenhouse that works as a restaurant and as a co-working area. featuring two-story houses arranged around two central courtyards, the design emphasizes the company’s family roots while conveying a welcoming effect.

_‘the starting point – the employees’ well-being – was the key factor that inspired our work in designing offices, production department and warehouse. we wanted to create a functional village with harmonious aesthetics that could combine traditional rural architecture with innovative values, expressed around the greenhouse and the vast green spaces,’_ comments matteo thun, architect and founder of matteo thun & partners studio.

constructed with a minimum amount of masonry elements, the complex achieves great architectural transparency while providing every working station with views of the outside. the large glass greenhouse building in center

the large glass greenhouse building located at the center of the complex is characterized by a modern and light architectural style. overall, the complex has been constructed with a minimum amount of masonry elements, achieving great architectural transparency while providing every working station with views of the outside.

the green areas by del buono gazerwitz have different functions including two internal courtyards, the scientific botanical garden, a large garden surrounding the building, and the green kilometer. inside the scientific botanical garden some of the plant species used in the cosmetic formulations are grown, resulting in an open air laboratory.

realized by monica signani, the interior design comes from the desire of combining the values of participation and sharing with the aesthetic enhancement of the work environment. far away from a traditional corporate image, the different areas evoke living spaces where formal and aesthetic choices blend with functional needs. to complement this equation, the furniture was custom-made by the contract division of molteni&c|dada.

_‘the soul of davines expresses itself through its deep values. the davines village embodies them: a company headquarter that exemplifies the concept of sustainable beauty that we pursue with ever stronger commitment and passion. the virtuous architectural design has turned into a reality that puts the well-being of the people who work here at its center and represents a place where ethics and aesthetics coexist in harmonious balance.’_ – davide bollati, davines president