Haugerud中心获奖方案/Eriksen Skajaa建筑师事务所

Eriksen Skajaa建筑师事务所(Eriksen Skajaa Architects)与我们分享了他们为“Europan 10”设计的获奖方案——Haugerud中心(Haugerud Center),取名“Shuffle”。Haugerud,是一个从现代运动乌托邦理想中诞生的地方,现在要努力为它所代表的理想塑造一个清晰的认识。建筑师希望通过探索低层高密度型城市规划来重新发现Haugerud丧失的可识别性。Eriksen Skajaa建筑师事务所设计的建筑群创造了一种村庄式的氛围,这些多功能建筑体有居住功能,也有公共功能。









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Eriksen Skajaa Architects shared with us their awarded proposal for Europan 10 with their design of the Haugerud Center, entitled Shuffle. Haugerud, originally an area born from the utopian ideals of the Modern Movement, now struggles to a have a clear sense of what it stands for. Shuffle aims to rediscover Haugerud’s lost identity by exploring low rise/high density urban planning. The buildings create a village-like atmosphere with multi-functional structures that can be used for housing as well as public functions.

“Grid orientation, formal characteristics, facades and construction methods where determined by the passive house standard. The shaping of the volumes brings light in between the streets and to the solar facades, but it also gives houses individual character. Through this process we have developed a clear urban typology consisting of a relatively small scale urban unit that is combined in a dense configuration,” explained the architects.

An extended network of forested paths form interconnections and permeability, both through the new development and through existing homogeneous. Buildings are flipped to focus toward the public by removing most of the existing center and making the facades open up toward the new public space.

Within each unit, there is enough flexibility to develop a wide range of housing solutions ranging from individual houses to blocks of flats. The ground floors share that same flexibility as they can shift between housing and retail functions.

“Through a high degree of fragmentation we open up possibilities that the large scale existing structures can’t cater to. We foresee in the beginning that a few small scale shops could function in the area, but we also see that this can be the framework for a development where retail and recreation colonise the entire development. This is the concept we call shuffle.”