Podalida世界/Joakim Dahlqvist

瑞典建筑师、设计师Joakim Dahlqvist用墨线笔绘制出了这样一个虚构的世界-Podalida。这幅作品可以在Dahlqvist的网站上通过Google Maps API进行查看。该画幅为905mmX640mm,可以在线按不同的大小查看,可以看到全部,亦可以放大查看细部。图画场景格外密集,并展示出一些有意思的、彼此叠加的建筑概念来。在Podalida虚构世界中,城市景观都不同寻常,甚至于有些奇怪,完全不同于现实世界的架构。Dahlqvist在OMA开始了他的职业生涯,现在仍然和OMA有些项目上的合作。





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swedish architect and designer joakim dahlqvist has created the imaginary world of podalida, which he

brought to life through a large format ink drawing. this new world is also navigable using the google

maps API on dahlqvist’s website. while the drawing measures 905mm x 640mm, it can be viewed online

from a variety of distances. users can see the piece as a whole or zoom into a small section to examine

the detail of the scene. the scene is especially dense and features some interesting architectural concepts

that overlap one another. dahlqvist began his architecture career with OMA and still works with the

company on projects. this imaginary world is filled with unusual landscapes and even stranger, out of

this world structures.