Manny创意大楼 / Tétrarc建筑师事务所

法国摄影师斯特凡·沙尔莫(Stéphane Chalmeau)给我们带来了Tétrarc建筑师事务所的项目——Manny大楼。

该建筑位于法国南特(Nantes)法院大楼身后的一个创意艺术区。项目由Coupechoux设计事务所和南特开发商Axel Colin公司合作启动,将为建筑与创意艺术行业提供工作场所,同时其一层的公共展示厅也面向附近地区乃至整个城市开放,在这里可举办各种展览、会议及其他活动。







翻译 Grace

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French Photographer Stéphane Chalmeau shared with us “Manny”, a project by Tétrarc.


The building is located in Nantes, France, in a creative arts district behind the Courthouse. The project is an initiative by the Coupechoux Design Group in partnership with Nantes developer Axel Colin, and will provide a space for architecture and creative arts businesses, while open to the city and the neighborhood trough a public showroom on the ground floor, hosting exhibits, conferences and other events


The chaotic aluminium skin protects the interior by filtering the direct sunlight, creating a dynamic facade that changes during the day with different reflections.


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