BBI信息塔/Kusus + Kusus Architekten建筑师事务所

Kusus + Kusus Architekten建筑师事务所的BBI信息塔位于柏林首都机场,它的设计被认为是机场的标志性建筑,本着 “服务整个地区,远远超越建筑场地本身”的设计理念。塔高31m,对于迎面走来的游客和在飞机上的旅客而言,则给人以热诚欢迎的视觉享受。从设计意图上来说,这是一个瞭望塔,从塔上可看到当下正在发展中的新机场综合设施。上到塔顶之后,参观者既可以平视附近建设场地的起重机,也能够观看建设场地的动态。





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Kusus + Kusus architekten’s BBI-Info Tower at the Capital Airport in Berlin is designed to be a recognizable element for the airport that will “serve the whole region and far beyond the boundaries of the construction site beyond.” Rising 31 meters, the tower is a welcoming sight for visitors approaching by land or passengers on plane. Programmatically, the building is a observation tower that provides views of the “growing” new airport complex which is currently being developed. By ascending to the top, the visitor is then roughly at the level of the surrounding construction cranes and gains new insight into the construction activities.

Inside, a massive reinforced concrete elevator core carries the weight of the entire structure, allowing the exterior envelope to portray a feeling of delicacy and lightness. Steel spiral stairs cantilever off the core with intermediate landings that provide areas of rest during ascent and descent, as well as views of the site through the semi-transparent envelope. Upon reaching the top, there are two observation decks, an encased platform and an open deck.

On the exterior, the tower is a series of isosceles triangles that, on each level, are rotated six degrees counter-clockwise. This results in an unusual and striking form that creates different perspectives from each angled viewed. The idea of dynamic twisting can be rationalized as an architectural interpretation of wind or motion, as associated with the airport.

The exterior, a white ETFE membrane, allows a certain degree of visual transparency during the day and creates a light tower at night, as different colors burst through the translucent skin. The tower’s spatial impression is the effect of the membrane stretched between the triangular steel frame.

As a parti, the tower is the simple relationship between a round core and spiral stair rotated within the triangular frame of the facade.