Rander美术馆将成为Guden河边,Rander镇入口处的一个地标。面积有7500平方米,包含三个展览厅,一个音乐厅,咖啡,小卖部和一些管理用房。主要的展览厅将用来保存大量的丹麦艺术品——这些艺术品构成景观。当代艺术展览空间既包含本土特征也有国际元素。起连接作用的过渡区域是“Dalsgaard地带”,它以丹麦超现实主义画家Sven Dalsgaard命名,美术馆保存了大量该画家的作品。


3XN,哈迪德,Behnish Arkitekten, CoopHimme(l)blau 和 entasis a/s.

3XN just shared with us their winning entry for the Randers Museum of Art, a “sculpture sitting in a sculpture garden” according to the architects, a sinuous building both open to both the town and the landscape. The red-tile façade of the exterior becomes the roof, and similarly on the inside, the floor becomes a wall, and then the wall a ceiling.

From the architects:

Randers Museum of Art will be a prominent new landmark at the entrance to the town of Randers and alongside the Guden River. At a size of 7.550 m2, the Museum will house three exhibition galleries, an auditorium, café, boutique and a range of administrative facilities. The main exhibition gallery will house the Museum’s considerable collection of Danish art – directly connected to the landscape depicted in so many of its works. The temporary exhibition space balances the national emphasis with its international potential; and a connecting transition between the galleries will be the Dalsgaard zone, named for Danish surrealist painter Sven Dalsgaard – of whom the Museum carries one of the world’s most significant collections.

The competition included 5 teams: 3XN, Zaha Hadid, Behnish Arkitekten, CoopHimme(l)blau and entasis a/s.

All images courtesy of 3XN